Sunday, December 1, 2013

little blue star

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i'm really not sure what to do with this space anymore. as a result of my effort to be mindful about my social networking use and how it effects me, i've deleted my tumblr. it was a long time coming but i finally got to the point where i felt it was poisonous and really messing with my head. i'm still figuring out what my web presence will be like now and feeling my way through it. a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since deleting my tumblr and i've honestly been more productive in the last two weeks than i have in an embarrassingly long time. but sometimes i miss the internet! and i miss blogging! and thats ok. the internet is a crazy platform but i think it's too ingrained in my system to go cold turkey. there are other platforms, like this one, that allow me to create meaningful (to me) content without all the spectacle. 

anyway - robert mapplethorpe and patti smith. these two are possibly my favorite artist duo of all time. mapplethorpe has been one of my favorite american photographers for a long time but i was introduced to patti smith through her book. i'm re-reading just kids right now and its giving me the push i need to get shit done. i think it's easy to get out of a mindset of gratitude when you're stressed beyond belief and have more on your plate than you can handle. these two serve as a constant reminder how powerful making meaning is and the power of community. not to mention, they both have some killer personal style. sigh, aaaarrttt feeeellliiinggggs.

Monday, September 2, 2013


celebrated my pal evan's 21st birthday with a dairy themed potluck and a good ol' fashion house party. all photos taken with my cheapy 35mm canon sure shot and dollar store film. fall semester starts tomorrow so i think this will be one of the last party pic updates for a while. ;)

Friday, August 30, 2013

what i wish i was wearing



- by aghostship featuring a red dress

lou dillon for stella magazine


- by aghostship featuring ballet flats

just another "what i wish i was wearing" post! i'm obviously still into the traditional fall colors. black, grey, mustard and burgundy make up the majority of my wardrobe anyway. with the fall semester starting this coming tuesday (how did that happen so quickly?!) i've been on the hunt for a new backpack and i think this oxblood kanken bag is in first place so far. are you excited for the fall?

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a little spotty

details: 101 print shift dress & exploding poppies top c/o zoe fujii, black chelsea boots c/o generation thrift, linen shorts - aa, brown sandals c/o omnia vintage, arizona state necklace c/o birdhouse jewelry

zoe fujii has an amazing etsy shop filled with handmade clothes with really interesting watercolor esque designs. she sent me over these two pieces to style and they couldn't be more perfect for summer! i paired the dress with some simple black chelsea boots from generation thrift. i wore the top with my favorite peachy shorts, my favorite sandals, and my new arizona state necklace from birdhouse jewelry so i could rep some home state pride. 

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